Moment extends reach with the release of its anamorphic lens for DJI drones


Moment, the company renowned for its high-quality, premium smartphone lenses, has extended its reach from its original market to drones with the release of the world’s first anamorphic lens: the Moment Air, developed for consumer drones.

The Moment Air does not only come with lenses, a new mounting system, filters, and an iPhone case.

Anamorphic drone lens designed for cinematic flair

The lenses enable drone users, specifically those with DJI drones, to take dramatic, cinematic shots with a lens that was designed for cinematography, with a cinema-wide aspect ratio as well as nifty flare effects – delivering the same quality as its anamorphic smartphone lens it released last year.

‘Featherlight’ construction

Moment has upgraded the lenses with its so-called Featherlight material, which, according the company is composed of aerospace-grade materials, which guarantees that the drone can carry it without any problems as far as weight is concerned.

New mounting system

The lenses were specifically developed for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro, and is designed to clip on either drone thanks to company’s new Lock and Balance Mounting System.

Moment’s Lock and Balance Mounting System was designed with a counterweight in order for the lens not to throw the drone’s gimbal off balance. Furthermore, it prevents the lens from moving and hold it in place, so that the lens stays firmly on, even in midair.

Lightest drone filters ever, with top-notch resistance to the elements

The anamorphic lens comes with a set of extremely light filters you can buy for the cameras on the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 2 Pro. This makes sure you can get top-notch image quality while remaining as light as it can possibly be – according to Moment, they are the lightest filters for the Mavic 2 Drones that there are in the market.

There are a couple of options for drone users: the neutral-density (ND) filter, which allows you to control exposure, and the circular polarizer/linear (CPL) filter, which allows you to reduce glare and deflect light in a variety of angles.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing these filters for not being sturdy – they feature water-resist coatings and scratchproof glass, not to mention shatterproof construction.

Additionally, consumers will have the option of buying the filters for either the anamorphic lens or for the drone’s built-in camera – however, the filters aren’t interchangeable. The filters for the lens sport an entirely different mounting contraption as opposed to the Mavic 2 cameras.

Ultra-thin smartphone case

A Moment smartphone case is required in order to use the company’s lenses on iPhones – until the release of the Moment Air, they have been rather clunky and big for good reason – additional protection.

However, the new Moment iPhone case enables you to use Moment lenses while managing to fit inside the Mavic drone controller.

Currently, it is only available for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max; however, it keeps the same mounting system to enable you to fit the latest Moment lenses.

Being only 0.75mm thick, it is certain to be able to fit into any drone controller, gimbal. or tripod without any hassles. Plus, it includes a cutout at the bottom of the phone so that the case doesn’t obstruct any microphones that are connected.


Moment will be using Kickstarter to launch Moment Air, and the company expects the products to ship by this coming November 2019, if enough funding is secured.

Pricing is as follows: the Drone Anamorphic Lens costs $300, the Airlight Drone Filters cost $120, and the photo case costs $30. Discounts are given to Kickstarter supporters, starting at $200 for the anamorphic lens, $100 for the drone filters, and $25 for the ultra-thin smartphone case.

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