The best (and most useful) consumer gadgets under $15


Ballpoint pen camera

The ballpoint pen camera has an inconspicuous appearance but opens up a multitude of possibilities. If someone likes to record photos, sound and even videos, this is now possible with a ballpoint pen cam. The recording time is not designed for long periods, because the battery has a short running time. All reduced to a minimum, it still provides enough data that can then be edited via PC. The camera is rechargeable via USB on the computer or via the power network. Users may also be aware of the fact that recording inconspicuously can violate personal privacy and data protection.

Splash-proof loudspeaker with hands-free function for bath and co.

The loudspeaker can be connected to a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and many more. via Bluetooth. Due to insulation of silicone, it can be used in bathrooms. It is possible to listen to music and making phone calls while showering. The material is splash-proof but not fully waterproof. It is not designed for underwater usage. The loudspeaker also supports a hands-free function. All electronic devices which are connected to the speaker stay dry. An integrated suction cup makes it easy to attach to all smooth and clean surfaces.

Bluetooth glove with hands-free function

A hands-free glove with Bluetooth function has recently been launched on the market. Users may not only use it cold weather, but it is also suitable for various sports, such as skiing, jogging, cycling and many more. Specially integrated material at the fingertips makes it possible to operate the touch screen of the smartphone with the glove on. Loudspeaker and microphone are also integrated. The glove can be connected to almost all smartphone types.

Bluetooth beanie with headset

One of the latest gadgets on the market and which is similarly practical to the Bluetooth glove is the Bluetooth beanie cap with an integrated headset. The smartphone no longer needs to be searched for but can be connected to the Bluetooth function of the beanie cap. The beanie makes it easy to answer calls and listen to music. The controls are located on one side of the beanie. All electronic elements can be removed effortlessly, and therefore, it can be worn and cared for like a conventional beanie. It is suitable for all kinds of winter activities.

Colour-changing thermal mobile phone cover

Warmth, touch or friction create unique patterns on the protection that disappear when it cools down. It gives the mobile phone a unique character. Many colours can be chosen. Wireless charging for the iPhone 8 is possible. The thermal case is available for most mobile phone types and has a flexible and elastic design. Sometimes they are promoted as very unique and special, but due to some reviews, the design doesn’t show the exact features as promoted.

Attachable Earhooks for wearing comfort

Earhooks can be a very practical tool for sports and outdoor activities. They will prevent the user from having the headphones roll out during sports or other activities. The silicone material makes them splash- and sweat-proof. The silicone does not interfere with the fine sensors in any way. They also come in a wide array of sizes, making for the perfect fit.


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